Learning How to Grieve a Miscarriage, Infant or Child Loss, and Stillbirth: Living Your Purpose

This is the last week of the blog series on Learning How to Properly Grieve the Loss of your Miscarriage, Infant and Pregnancy Loss, Child loss, or Stillbirth.  Last week we tackled how to Finding your Passion After Loss this week we are discussing Living your Purpose After Loss.

First off, if you are reading this it is because you have recently lost your baby or have never properly grieved your loss.  Please remember there are no timetables for grief.  Losing a child by way of miscarriage, infant or pregnancy loss, child loss, or stillbirth is the most devastating and traumatic experience that a parent can go through.  A piece of you is missing and you are forever changed.  

We have learned these last 4 weeks how to properly grieve our angel babies by actually processing the loss, journaling to prayer and praise, found our passion and now we are discussing how to live out purpose after loss.

Losing a baby unfortunately reminds us that life is finite.  We have to find our passion to live out our purpose.  

We all have a purpose here on earth.  What's yours?  Finding your passion is directly related to doing the things that light you up and set your soul on fire. If it makes you happy to sing, write, and build things then go do it! You are worthy to walk into your purpose and live your life without the guilt of having loss a child.  You have to give yourself permission to move on guilt free.

Honor your angel babies memory.  Find a cause or organization that is related to your babies interests. Volunteer; host a fundraiser in their name.  Or you could even start a foundation in their name.  If you are interested in starting a 501(c)3 please email me to help you at hello@ericammcafee.com

Sister in Loss Action Items:

  • Begin to Journal your Feelings.  Sometimes its easier to write and journal down what you are thinking and feeling rather than explaining them.
  • Seek therapy when you feel that your grief is becoming too difficult to bear.  I am available for coaching if you need someone to talk to.
  • Join the Sister’s In Loss FB Community and Support Group.  This is a group of women who will pray for you and encourage you through your loss and grief and healing journey.

If you’ve experienced a loss, I encourage you to allow yourself to grieve, get professional help, if needed, be present for your family, and take care of yourself.

Most importantly, remember that loss does not have to equal lost.  You are powerful!  You are worthy!  You are not what you have been through.

Keep the Faith!

Living your Purpose After Loss