Dear Sister in Loss

Dear Sister in Loss,

I am so sorry we met this way.  I am sorry you know the pain of losing a baby, a precious child.  I may not know your child's name.  I may not know how they passed away, but what I do know is the traumatic gut wrenching heartbreak and pain of losing a child.  

Sis, we are now apart of 1 of 4 women who have experienced loss.  As a black women we experience loss even more at 2 of 4 women.  We have joined a sorority we did not want to be apart of.  Now we can not deny our membership.  The bond we share is indescribable.  To know that our little ones are dancing and playing in heaven, just like in The Shack movie, together brings tears to my eyes.  

Our husbands may not know our pain, our family and friends may tell us to get over it. But you my sister have welcomed me in with open arms.  Thank you for allowing me to just be in your presence.  For understanding me even when the words couldn't form and come out my mouth.  For sending gifts and texting me just to let me know you cared.  For being there when my family and friends did not know how to get me out of  my funk.  For loving on me and on my angel in heaven as if they were your own.  

I love you my sister in loss.  We are forever bonded by our angels in heaven!

Sister in Loss