5 Books Every Sister in Loss Should Read!

Hey Sisters!

5 Books Every Sister in Loss Should Read

It is Women's History Month and I'm excited to share these 5 Black Women Authors of books I loved to read this past year!  All of these stories touched me in a way that moved me to begin writing my own story.  Two of the authors were guests on the Erica M. McAfee Podcast and I'm thrilled to share what I learned from their books.

1. Gabrielle Union's We're Going to Need More Wine: Stories that Are Funny, Complicated, and True Not only did Gabrielle make me feel like I was her sister friend.  She took us on a journey back to how she was raised, and her journey to stardom and hollywood.  She shares her most traumatic experience from being raped in a Payless store she was working in during college, to having 8-9 miscarriages and going through IVF with her husband NBA player Dwayne Wade.  I absolutely loved this book because not only did she share her most intimate moments with us, she taught us the value of speaking up for yourself and knowing your worth.  She discussed infertility in away most famous people stray away from being vulnerable, honest, and raw about the challenges of having a baby.  Gabrielle will make you feel like you are her sister friend while you read this book.  She will make you feel like you are apart of her circle and I love that about her and thankful she shared her story.

2. Shonda Rhimes Year of Yes: How to Dance it Out, Stand in the Sun, and Be Your Own Person If you are a fan of TGIT on ABC on Thursday nights then you definitely need to read this book.  Particularly if you are a fan of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal.  Shonda takes us on her personal journey of being the First Only Different (FOD) in her family and her conquering her fear of saying yes to things that scare her.  Shonda like us sisters has that fear of "Why me" and "Imposter Syndrome"  when it comes to doing something new and different and being who you are called to be.  This book is hilarious.  Shonda is not only a great writer, creator, producer of TV shows, she is laugh out loud funny.  What I loved the most of this Year of Yes was how it applies to us doing things that we typically would say no to.  Being fearless and trusting God through the journey.  You will love this book because this gives you a guide to what saying Yes to things that scare you will do.  Saying YES will change your life, your health, your livelihood, your marriage, your children, your faith, and your life.

3.  Gessie Thompson Hope Beyond Fibroids: Stories of Miracle Babies and the Journey to Motherhood.  I love the gift of storytelling and this book shares the testimonies and stories of women's journey to motherhood with a fibroid diagnosis.  To read and witness the mercy and goodness of God in these women is a testimony of God's faithfulness. Each testimony expresses the ways and thoughts of God in so many ways. Often times, we think God will deliver the same way he did for someone else, but HE always show himself strong in so many creative ways and this is what I love about God and this book.

4. Tanika Dillard's Building a Family Breaks My Heart I had the pleasure of having Tanika on my podcast to share her story and book in Episode 19.  Tanika and I have the diagnosis of Incompetent Cervix in common and she shares her journey to having children in this book.  From multiple 2nd trimester losses to having loss a stillborn, this book will bless you on your journey if you have recurrent pregnancy loss.  I was so emotional while reading this book because she eloquently shares the same emotions I felt after my losses.  Tanika's story inspired me to begin to write my own.  I love how she is so transparent and shares her journal entries in this book.  They are filled with vulnerable, raw, honest, thoughts of love, disappointment, and encouragement.  She leans on her faith and her husband to help her through how building a family breaks her heart.  You will love this book if you have had recurrent pregnancy loss or any loss.  She will make you feel like you were there with her on her journey.

5. Diana Sim's Forever King: Surviving the Loss of my Unborn Child

Diana Sims is such a sweet, funny, and God-fearing Sister Friend of mine who I interviewed Episode 5of the #EMMPodcast Erica M. McAfee Podcast, where she shares her story of son King and Rainbow Baby Anthony.  She also shares why she wrote Forever King: Surviving the Loss of my Unborn Child, and how we all need to honor our Angel babies.  In her book she shares her experience of stillbirth with her son King, how she found out she was pregnant with her Rainbow Baby Anthony, and what we can do as Christian women when navigating feelings of grief, doubt, fear, and loss.  I loved this book because it made me feel like I was talking to a friend.  She knew my story and was sharing from her heart how God helped her navigate her journey and how he was going to help guide mine.

These are 5 books you should read as a Sister in Loss.  Have you read any of these books?  What did you learn from these stories?

Your Sister in Loss,

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