May Journal Challenge for Bereaved Mothers

May Journal Challenge for Sisters in Loss and Bereaved Mothers!

May Journal Challenge for Bereaved Mothers

Journaling has many positive benefits. Journaling can help with your grief journey and it is a way of getting out your feelings. By frequently writing down your thoughts you can gain insight into your anxieties, behaviors, and moods.

To get started, just take 10-30 minutes to write down what and how you are feeling. Try not to think too hard about what you are writing. Just keep your pen moving. Here are 31 writing prompts to get you started.  When you wake up with prayer, get out your journal with the prompts and begin to write.  

This journal challenge is for us to go from surviving to thriving after loss.  It is for us to remember our Angel babies in Heaven during a month where most moms are recognized besides the grieving and bereaved mother.  We want to honor you and acknowledge you on Mother's Day and all month long.

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Your Sister in Loss!