5 Qualities I love about myself - Day 22 of May Journal Challenge

We are 22 days into the May Journal Challenge.

Today's prompt is to write about 5 Qualities you love about yourself.

  1. Smile - I love my smile.  It has changed and shifted over the years but its my greatest asset.
  2. Mom title - It is a title I never thought I would embrace when I was younger.  But, when you try so hard to become one and then you are one to a living child.  You cherish it forever.  And I do.
  3. Connector - I love being able to connect people and friends.  I recognized I had this gift in college when recruiting people for NSBE meeting's and to join the organization.  I love that I find qualities in others to connect and introduce them to people I know they would get along with and grow a friendship with.
  4. Compassion - I did not realize how much compassion I had for others until my father passed away when I was 14.  Anytime death or trauma knocked on people's doors I would immediately place myself in their shoes, and reach out in some way if not directly definitely in prayer.  
  5. Loyal - I am loyal to the end. Period.  I am definitely a ride or die chick.  In relationships or friendships.  If I ride for you, I will ride with you off the cliff, and take down the person who pushed you.  LOL 
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