Mother's Day Letter for my Sisters in Loss

To my Sisters in Loss and Grieving Mothers on Mother’s Day,

I know you wish this day did not exist.  You have lost your precious child, and your arms ache to hold them.  Of all the days you especially want them on Mother’s Day.  You want to celebrate that they did exist.  You want to bask in how much they have grown up and not recall who they were.  You want to see your baby alive and whole and want to smell that was only theirs.  I know.  I understand.  I get it.  You don’t want the flowers, gifts, or “Happy Mother’s Day” messages.  You want your baby to be in your arms and say “hey mom, I love you.”

There is not greater sorrow on earth than losing a child.  I know your heart aches and your arms are empty.  I know how difficult it is to see the social media posts of “Happy Mother’s Day.”  I even understand why you might avoid public Mother’s Day celebrations, and instead stay home or even visit the cemetery to see your baby because no one speaks of anymore.  On Sunday, Sister in Loss, I want you to celebrate your baby no matter how long they were here.  If you gave them a name or even it you did not say their name bravely, boldly, and proud today.

Sister in Loss, you are courageous because you have survived the unimaginable and managed to crawl out of bed yet again today.  You are phenomenal.  You are spectacular.  You are resilient.  You are a mother and will always be their mom.

For those Sisters in Loss who mother surviving children, hug them and love on them extra tight and continue to pray with God to keep them safe, happy, healthy, and blessed.

On Sunday, do what you need to do.  If going to church, going out to brunch, crying hard, staying home, or being around family and friends will make the day better.  Do it all.  Today is your Mother’s Day. 

You are amazing!  You are brave!  You are beautiful!  You are loved!  You are blessed!  You are a Mom. 

Happy Mother’s Day Sister in Loss!

~Your Sister in Loss and Grieving Mother, Erica

Mother's Day Letter for Grieving Mother