Snatchin' it Back! Pinky Promise 2018 Recap

What you nuture grows!.png

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Pinky Promise Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  It was my first women's christian conference and first time attending Pinky Promise.  I'm not affiliated with a local chapter, but I and many of my Sisters in Loss follow the founder, Heather Lindsey, on social media.  So, when she announced at the beginning of the year that Sarah Jakes Roberts was the featured speaker I knew I wanted to attend.  My bestie reached out and was like are we going or what? I of course was like we are down and we purchased our early bird tickets, booked the hotel, and started tracking flights on Hopper.  We booked flights and knew no matter what we were going to meet Sarah Jakes Roberts that weekend.  It was a weekend filled with sleeping in, endless laughter, and sisterhood.  To top if all off I did get my picture with Sarah Jakes Roberts and told her she was my birthday twin (July 17th babies) as well as first ladies.  It was an absolute pleasure and honor to meet her and just kiki like good girlfriends.  After her book signing the Pinky Promise ladies were already lined up around the hotel to get seats in the front to see her preach that night.  We ventured to get some food and quickly made our way back to join in the line up to be seated.  We were seated an hour early in anticipation of what Sarah was going to bring.  And did she bring the house down.  She talked about Snatchin' it Back and not leaving the conference the same way we came.  Sarah came from Luke 2 and talked about Jesus going back to the temple when he was 12 to give sacrifice to the Lord which was two young pigeons.  Sarah then went on with the story to talk about how Mary lost Jesus in Jerusalem for 3 days.  The found him in the temple and were amazed.  Mary then went to Jesus asking why did you leave us?  Jesus answered her back and said why did you seek me?  Didn't you know I was about my father's business? She talked about how Mary mother of Jesus had to remove her duties as a mother and see Jesus not as a Boy but as the Savior.  And how we have to Snatch back our lives and remove the blinders off of things we need to see in a different light.  Sarah Jakes Roberts preached one point and that thing was powerful and the point she made in order for us to Snatch it back was to work on the battlefield of our mind.  

Overall I had an excellent time and am excited to see Sarah Jakes Roberts again if she has her Woman Evolve conference next year.

Keep the Faith!