Grief & Loss Books that Actually Helped Me

If you are reading this page its because you have loss someone close to you.  Whether it was your Child through a miscarriage, infant loss, or still birth, or even if it was a close loved one, these books helped me on my journey to coping with grief.  I hope they bless you as much as they blessed me.


Forever King: Surviving the Loss of my Unborn Child by Diana Sims

Diana Sims is such a sweet, funny, and God-fearing Sister Friend of mine who I interviewed Episode 5 of the #EMMPodcast Erica M. McAfee Podcast, where she shares her story of son King and Rainbow Baby Anthony.  She also shares why she wrote Forever King: Surviving the Loss of my Unborn Child, and how we all need to honor our Angel babies.  In her book she shares her experience of stillbirth with her son King, how she found out she was pregnant with her Rainbow Baby Anthony, and what we can do as Christian women when navigating feelings of grief, doubt, fear, and loss.  I loved this book because it made me feel like I was talking to a friend.  She knew my story and was sharing from her heart how God helped her navigate her journey and how he was going to help guide mine.

You will be blessed by this book!

Trying Again: A Guide to Pregnancy After Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss: Ann Douglas, John R. Sussman

This book helped me once I was ready to begin trying again after I lost BJ and Brielle.  What I loved is the stories of grief told from different perspectives like dads and relatives and how losing a child impacted the entire family.  It gave me the courage to try again and pray that God would grant me the desires of my heart, a baby to bring home from the hospital.


Ballons on the Mailbox: One Mothers Heartbreaking Story of Her Daughters Death: Chantal Horup  

I read this book after I lost BJ, and was so encouraged by this mother's story.  She shared and expressed the way I felt during, after, and when I was ready to try again for another child.  She inspired me to continue to tell my story and to never forget BJ by remembering and honoring him on his birth and death dates.  

The Mourning's Light: Life After Child Loss: Patricia Sheveland

I recently read this book by request of my therapist and it moved me because it is eloquently written by the sibling of a child that died before her.  You never really think of how future children are affected from the loss of a child, but this book tells her families story and the story of other siblings of parents who had children die at young ages.  It encouraged me to not parent Super Mighty Max any different because he has Special Needs and a Disability and to love on him more in spite of my grief and pain of his brother and sister in heaven.