EP101 - Shawn Owen's Uterine Fibroids Journey and Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Uterine Fibroids and Pregnancy After Miscarriage

90% of African Americans women have fibroids and today’s guest shares her miscarriage story and rainbow pregnancy with fibroids.

Shawn Owens found out she was expecting as she was preparing for an outpatient procedure. She and her husband were shocked by the news due to her diagnosis with uterine fibroids and her being 38 years old. Shawn wanted to wait to share the news with her family around Father’s Day. She ended up in the Emergency Room a week before Fathers Day with severe pain and bleeding. The doctors could not detect a heartbeat and sent her home with medication for pain to miscarry with no direction.

In today’s episode Shawn takes us back to that day and then shares when she was ready to try again to conceive her rainbow baby which pregnancy came with many challenges like bleeding, being placed on bed rest, and not being able to walk due to the size of her 5 fibroids.

Shawn Owens’ Bio
I got pregnant in May 2017 and was super surprised by the way my husband and I found out as the day we went to the dr’s. I was going in for a surgical procedure and when the nurse walked in the room she told us we couldn’t do the procedure because I was pregnant. My husband I asked her to repeat what she said as we couldn’t believe it. We left the dr’s office thanking God as only he could make this kind of joke.

We kept the news to ourselves as we wanted to wait until Father’s Day to announce it to our family. You see my husband is 42 and I’m 38 and we were having our 1st baby as we got married in Jan 17 and we wanted to start a family quick, but knew I had some medical issues such as fibroids.

On June 3rd I started to have some bleeding but I was told it can happen so no need to fear but to rest. So I did what I was told and rested for 2 days. On June 11th while at church, I told my husband I felt something was not right. I went to the restroom and the bleeding started again. We left church and went to the ER while there I was in the worst pain ever, after the Dr checked me she inform that they could not hear the baby heartbeat. We immediately called our family and told them that we were pregnant and we needed them to pray.

The dr’s told me that the baby would pass through my body and day now and sent me home with some medicine for pain. Because I don’t like pain I ask some women who I knew had miscarriages and none of them informed me or prepared me for what I experienced.

In Aug 17 the Lord allowed us to get pregnant again! However this pregnancy came with a lot of difficulties, I bleed for 4 months which sent my fear to the rough but forced me to depend on the Lord and not my sight. After bleeding for unknown reason, I was then placed on bedrest and I had 5 Fibroids that was causing me so much pain I could barely walk. I was in and out of the hospital as the drs was trying to make sure our baby was safe. I ended up delivering her 2 weeks early by the Grace of God.

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