EP102 - Crystal Justice's Healing from Miscarriage and Still Desiring to become a Mother

Healing from Miscarriage

Being raised in a Christian faith based home, and respecting the unspoken rule of not having children out of wedlock, today’s guest began her journey to motherhood at 38 years old.

Crystal Justice found out she was pregnant on Aug 9, 2018. On Sept 7, 2018 she was told that the pregnancy was no longer viable. Despite my HCG levels and Progesterone levels being normal her D&C was scheduled on Sept 11, 2018 which is was her partner’s birthday.

In this episode Crystal takes us back to that day and how her faith has helped her heal from miscarriage.

This episode is for you to listen to if you have had a miscarriage, maybe advanced maternal age, and still have the desire to become a mother.

Crystal Justice’s Bio
I’m a 39 year old African American woman; I was born in Detroit and raised in Brooklyn New York. I am a clinical social worker; I haven’t been in the social work field since 2003. I Relocated to Houston in 2012 journey working with the Veterans Administration. I am not married but I am in a committed relationship; I do not have any biological children. I distinctly recall at the age of five saying that I wanted to be a mother. I I was raised in a Christian-based family. Therefore the unspoken rule was that you only had children within a marriage. As I became older, I respected the rule but I no longer felt the need to live it. At 38, I discovered that I was pregnant on Aug 9,2018. On Sept 7,2018 we were told that the pregnancy was no longer viable. Despite my HCG levels and Progesterone levels being normal...The D&C was scheduled on Sept 11,2018,which is my partner’s birthday.

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