EP105 - What does Life After Baby Loss look like? Life after Lakhanya with Yonela Rasi

What is Life After Baby Loss like?

What does Life After Baby Loss look like? Feel like? Appear to be for everyone like today’s guest. Yonela Resi is the mother of two angels. One baby she loss at 16 weeks and the other a stillbirth at 38 weeks. In this episode she takes us on that journey of becoming a mother at 24 in South Africa, the black community there and how baby loss is not talked about, and how she started the Lakhanya Foundation in honor of her angels. Today’s episode is for you to listen to if you have wonder what does life after baby loss look like for me? Today’s guest shares exactly what it means to her.

Yonela Resi’s Bio

I'm a 24 year old mother of two angel babies and I am trying to find a new normal after the death of both my babies, my first I lost to miscarriage at 16 weeks and my second to stillbirth at 38 weeks. My journey through motherhood has not been easy both children I have carried have both died, never taken a breath. Through my loss I have realised my destiny and the path I am to walk. Now I am bringing awareness to the black community on baby loss through a series of baby loss talks organised by my foundation, the Lakhanya Foundation. I have also put my story through motherhood in my new book which is aimed at empowering the black woman to tell her story

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