EP107 - Overcoming Secondary Infertility with Jessica Hortman

Overcoming Secondary Infertility

After experiencing three losses today’s guest felt ashamed and guilty of her grief as she experienced secondary infertility with already having two children.

Jessica Hortman had a spontaneous miscarriage in 2015 at 6 weeks, a miscarriage due to a submucosal fibroid at 10 weeks in 2016, two years years of not getting pregnant, and then finding out she had a fibroid in 50 percent of my uterus. After having the fibroid removed, Jessica had an ectopic pregnancy in 2018.

In today’s episode Jessica takes us back on how she navigated her emotions of grief while still being a mother, and how she is overcoming secondary infertility.

Jessica Horton’s Bio

I am a native Pittsburgher currently living in the DMV. I am a wife and a mom. I am an educator as well as a life long learner. I am on a quest to celebrate the accomplishments of Black women.

Accomplished Black Woman

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