EP108 - Losing your Baby and Losing your Womb with Alexus Harris Oluyole

Losing your baby and Losing your Womb

Losing your baby and losing your womb and ability to have more children is what today’s guest had to face. Alexus Harris Oluyole lost her son Maverick at 21 weeks due to pregnancy complications and had to have a partial hysterectomy to save her life.

Alexus Harris Oluyole was devastated as she had to navigate the grief of losing her son and losing her ability to bear more children. God was her anchor during this time and lead her to write a book Peace That Supersedes to help encourage women who are going through challenges with fertility, pregnancy loss, or child loss.

In this episode Alexus takes us on her healing journey, the challenges she face with seeing babies everywhere, and her path forward to motherhood.

Alexis Harris Oluyole’s Bio
Alexis Harris Oluyole is a licensed therapist who is a native of the Washington, DC metropolitan area. For over a decade she has assisted couples, individuals, youth, and families from all walks of life with discerning, defining, and developing their life's path in ways that sustain clear direction and provide lasting fulfillment. She is an entrepreneur, podcast cohost and public speaker. Through her authorship she seeks to promote positive, peace filled, and purposeful lifestyles.

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