EP109 - Overcoming Endometriosis After Losing Ovary & Fallopian Tube with Bria Burrell

Unexpected Infertility Diagnosis

Have you ever suffered from painful periods? Today’s guest Bria Burrell has always had painful periods, and in 2015 she found out there was an cyst on her left ovarian. Her OB/GYN monitored the cyst for a couple of months, until it started to grow. In order to prevent the cyst from rupturing the OB/GYN performed a laparoscopic procedure in January 2016. . The cyst dominated the left part of Bria’s pelvic cavity, and therefore, they had to remove her left ovarian and Fallopian tube, and during this procedure it was determined she had endometriosis. She had many complications from that surgery that left her bowel perforated resulting in her wearing a temporary colostomy bag. Bria takes us on the next steps of her journey to motherhood in this podcast where she undergoes fertility treatments and 2 rounds of IVF, that has resulted in two miscarriages. This episode is for you to listen to if you have been diagnosed with endometriosis or have lost a Fallopian tube or ovary.

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Bria Burrell’s Bio
Follower of Christ. PG County native. Wife, daughter, sister, and friend. TTC for about 5 years. Labor & Delivery RN.

My husband and I have been married since 2011, and trying to conceive since about 2014. I've always had painful periods, but I thought that was normal. In 2015, there was an cyst found on my left ovarian. My OB/GYN monitored the cyst for a couple of months, until it started to grow. My OB/GYN recommended that I get the cyst removed because there was a risk the cyst could rupture. In Jan 2016, I had the cyst removed via a laparoscopic procedure. The cyst dominated the left part of my pelvic cavity, and therefore, my left ovarian and Fallopian tube were removed. It was also determined during the procedure, that I have endometriosis. There were complications from this surgery, and my bowel was perforated. This complication resulted in me spending three weeks in the hospital and needing a temporary colostomy bag.

After I healed, my husband and I began to think about starting to conceive again. My laparoscopic procedure also revealed that my right Fallopian tube may be blocked. So, we were referred to a fertility doctor. The fertility clinic confirmed the diagnosis, and my husband and I were told that utilizing IVF would be our best option to conceive.

We started our first IVF cycle in May 2017, and that resulted in two embryos, but no pregnancies. We began our second IVF cycle at the end of December, and this cycle resulted in seven embryos. So far, we have transferred three embryos, and had a negative pregnancy test and two miscarriages.

This has been a difficult journey for my husband and I, but we continue to have faith in God that we will be blessed with a child.

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