EP11 - Aditi's Loss Story & Pregnancy Loss Healing

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In today’s episode Aditi Loveridge, shares her Pregnancy Loss Story and how healing tools helped her rediscover trust and inner power, so she could engage in life again.  After losing her first two pregnancies, she was stricken with shame, guilt, fear, and anxiety.  The intensity of her emotions took her by surprise and it was not until her Rainbow baby turned one, that her anxiety begin to dissipate.  She is a Grief and Pregnancy Loss Healer, Coach and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher at PregnancyLossHealing.com.

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  To honor our Angel Babies gone to heaven too soon, we created MyBabyExisted.com where we are posting pictures to show that our babies did exist.  Visit MyBabyExisted.com for more information on how to download your Meme and post pictures of your baby bump, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, or babies to show that they did exist.  All month long we will repost pictures using the hashtag #mybabyexisted to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Our babies did exist and now exist forever in our hearts in minds.