EP111 - Congenital Heart Disease and Healing from Child Loss with Chappy Morgan

Congenital Heart Disease and Healing from Child Loss

After being diagnosed at 18 years old with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) today’s guest was told she was unable to have children. At 31, Chappy Morgan lost a significant amount of weight and was surprised when she found out she was expecting. During an ultrasound she found out her son was sick and was going to suffer from heart problems specifically congenital heart disease. Chappy shares in this episode how she fought for her son Messiah, is healing from child loss, and continues to share Messiah’s message through #MessiahStrong

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Chappy Morgan’s Bio
A breaved mother who's son faught a very tough battle and I'm left picking up my pieces after his death . He had Congenital heart disease and had 7 Open heart surgeries as well as a transplant. He was my first and only kid.

I was told at 18 I'd never be able to have kids due to PCOS. I never ovulate, then at 31 I found out i was pregnant and later with a sick child. I never tried to have kids because they reassured me it wasn’t possible. I ended up losing alot of weight and 2 years later I was pregnant, no meds without even thinking about it.

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