EP12 - Dr. Oluwatoyin Bode-Abass's Infertility & Loss Story and Range Foundation

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In today’s episode Dr. Oluwatoyin Bode-Abass shares her Infertility Journey and Loss Story, and how she turned her pain into a book and foundation called Range based in Lagos, Nigeria.  Dr. Oluwatoyin is an integrative health, wellness, nutrition, and lifestyle consultant.  She studied Medicine and Surgery at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, where she finished top ten in her graduating class.  Her and her husband founded TBA Wellness Hub, an Integrative Health and Wellness consultancy where she empowers individuals to take a proactive approach to their health and nutrition.  She wrote Range to chronical how she found love, had a major gynecological surgery that narrowed her chances of having children, her infertility journey to motherhood and eventually suffering a pregnancy loss.  Dr. Oluwatoyin shares a wealth of knowledge of how women’s issues like fibroids effect pregnancy, and how she is helping other women heal through her new organization the Range Foundation.


October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  To honor our Angel Babies gone to heaven too soon, we created MyBabyExisted.com where we are posting pictures to show that our babies did exist.  Visit MyBabyExisted.com for more information on how to download your Meme and post pictures of your baby bump, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, or babies to show that they did exist.  All month long we will repost pictures using the hashtag #mybabyexisted to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Our babies did exist and now exist forever in our hearts in minds.