EP14 - Shawn Ware-Avant Post Partum Depression Therapist and SIDS/Safe Sleep

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In today’s episode Shawn Ware-Avant a mental health advocate shares her knowledge with us on Post Partum depression and Safe Sleep to help prevent Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome.  Shawn has provided mental health and advocacy services for parents, children, and adolescents for nearly two decades. Shawn's passion for treating attachment disruptions and parenting challenges guides her work with vulnerable families. She envisions transformation in generational patterns through parents empowered to become the change they want to see in their families and communities. Specializing in maternal depression and anxiety; family separation/reunification trauma and parenting support, Shawn assists parents (and caregivers) in better understanding their role and children. She is happily married with 3 teenagers, including a set of twins and a son on the autism spectrum.

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  To honor our Angel Babies gone to heaven too soon, we created MyBabyExisted.com where we are posting pictures to show that our babies did exist.  Visit MyBabyExisted.com for more information on how to download your Meme and post pictures of your baby bump, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, or babies to show that they did exist.  All month long we will repost pictures using the hashtag #mybabyexisted to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Our babies did exist and now exist forever in our hearts in minds.  

Postpartum Depression Numbers and Website

Online Postpartum Depression Screening Tool


Suicide Risk Hotline 1-800-SUICIDE (800-784-2433)

Befrienders Worldwide (Online Suicide Help)


Eastern Virginia CFRT Safe Sleep Pledge


Postpartum Support International


Postpartum Support Virginia


Postpartum Men


Military - 1800-372-5463

Local to Hampton Roads 757-627-5433

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