EP15 - Dee's Infertility Story & Loving Angel Babies

Dee and Loving Angel Babies

In today’s episode Dareshia Ervin also known as Dee shares her miscarriage story and Infertility journey.  Dee has experienced five miscarriages, two being life threatening and the last one leaving her completely infertile. After her fourth miscarriage, she could no longer keep quiet about her pain, and decided it was time to share her story with the world. It was then; she founded a personal blog by the name of Loving Angel Babies founded in 2016. She feels that the love she has for her angel babies, has allowed her to be completely open about their existence and no longer grieve alone.  Dee’s everyday prayer is that she could be an inspiration to women who feel alone throughout this journey.  Even after the loss of both fallopian tubes, she’s certain that God will fulfill his promises to her, to one day mother a child of her own. Now she is documenting her IVF journey, the ups and downs of it all. Dee vows to never give up and continue to spread awareness regardless of the circumstances, as her strength is found in Christ! 

Loving Angel Babies was founded in March 2016 by Dareshia Ervin who had survived five miscarriages, two being life threatening. During these experiences, she had no one to call on for support who had endured such losses.  She decided it was time to break the silence of pregnancy loss by starting a personal blog to share her story.

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  To honor our Angel Babies gone to heaven too soon, we created MyBabyExisted.com where we are posting pictures to show that our babies did exist.  Visit MyBabyExisted.com for more information on how to download your Meme and post pictures of your baby bump, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, or babies to show that they did exist.  All month long we will repost pictures using the hashtag #mybabyexisted to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Our babies did exist and now exist forever in our hearts in minds.