EP19 - Tanika Dillard's Loss Story and Building A Family Breaks My Heart Book


In today’s episode Tanika Dillard shares her recurrent pregnancy loss story including 2nd trimester miscarriages and a stillbirth.  Tanika Dillard is a natural leader, motivational speaker, and trusted counselor to her peers.  She is a credentialed certified birth and bereavement doula, where she offers compassionate physical, emotional, and spiritual support to expectant families in any trimester and any birth outcome. Tanika's passion for breaking the silence of pregnancy loss positioned her as founding member and Facilitator for Share Upstate Pregnancy & Infant Loss  Support Group. Her efforts to honor the lives of her children and increase awareness on the taboo subject have uniquely connected her with medical professionals and grieving families across the globe. In August 2014, Tanika embarked upon a new phase in the literary revolution by releasing Building A Family Breaks My Heart; a best selling novel inspired by her blog writings. Building A Family Breaks My Heart is a magnificent work of heart, capturing the essence of despair from loss and the beauty of dreams fulfilled. The novel is sure to capture and connect the hearts of those who have experienced pregnancy loss, infertility, or supporters of those who have.

Crafting pitch perfect melodies and poetry are Tanika's ways to articulate the emotions in her heart. Her love for writing began as an adolescent, often writing about love, family, and faith in God. A passionate revolution for writing was birthed in 2009 after recurrent pregnancy loss. Tanika needed an effective avenue to channel her grief and unwavering desire to have a family. Eloquently flowing words were crafted from the life-changing pain in her blog, The Journey of Love and Life.  Her compelling message has been shared on Open To Hope Radio show with Dr. Gloria Horsley and on the TEDx Stage.

She has released her first single, "I Am Dreaming". This heartfelt musical tribute is her way to honor the lives of four children: Destiny, Briauna, Madison, and Israel Grayson who have passed away.

Dillard holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Care Management from Lander University. Tanika's most prestigious titles are wife and mother. She and husband Christopher reside in Greenville, SC with their sons, Ethan and Evan.