EP21 - Kori Williams' Multiple Loss Story & Surprise Rainbow Baby

Kori Williams

In today’s episode Kori Williams shares her multiple loss story a miscarriage and second trimester loss.  Kori is a PR and communications professional.  She founded K-Will Communications, LLC (KWC) in 2015, the company uses comprehensive PR and communications solutions to help entrepreneurs motivate, educate and inspire others through public speaking. Shortly after rolling out her company, Kori experienced a miscarriage (October 2015) and a second trimester loss (stillbirth at nearly 23 weeks) the following October (2016). She buried her daughter (Parker), and spiraled into a deep depression for months. After taking a moment to regroup, she decided to pick up the pieces of her seemingly broken life and career only to learn she’d been carrying another child the entire time; she was five and a half months pregnant and had no clue. Kori was immediately put on bedrest and gave birth to her first living child in August 2017—a beautiful, healthy baby girl named Miyaka’nwi, which means ‘Thank you, God’. Having always been driven and highly motivated, Kori is committed to rebuilding her life and career through the new lens of motherhood—sharing her story in an effort to minimize the stigma and silence surrounding pregnancy and infant loss.