EP22 - Talysa & John's Miscarriage Story & Helping Others through Connections


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Can marriage survive the loss of a child?  Losing a child is the hardest thing a couple can go through. In fact 80 percent of marriages end in divorce after the loss of a child.  For the month of December we are sharing the stories of 4 couples and how their marriages not only survived the loss of a child, but continued to thrive.    

In today’s episode we have the McCall’s.  John and Talysa McCall have been married for 6 years and reside Camp Lejeune, NC.  John is serving our country in the Marine Corps and Talysa McCall Talysa holds a MBA in Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University & currently works as a Community Outreach Coordinator for Lower Cape Fear Hospice.  The McCalls have endured several relocations, a healthy pregnancy, a miscarriage that shook their marriage, and a devastating diagnosis during the pregnancy with their rainbow baby. Talysa aspires to one day start her own non-profit organization focused on instilling self-confidence & self-validation skills to young girls. Talysa believes her life’s mission is to help others through connections.