EP23 - Valencya and Jerrell Thompson's Fertility Journey and Fertility Hope Ministry


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Can marriage survive the loss of a child?  Losing a child is the hardest thing a couple can go through. In fact 80 percent of marriages end in divorce after the loss of a child.  For the month of December we are sharing the stories of 4 couples and how their marriages not only survived the loss of a child, but continued to thrive.    

In today’s episode we have the Thompsons.  Valencya and Jerrell Thompson are the founders of the #fertilityhope ministry.  Valencya Thompson holds Master and Specialist degrees in School Psychology, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and has completed seminary studies.  Jerrell Thompson is an engineer by trade with a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering. Considering their diverse areas of study joining their female vs. male perspectives, they have written a divinely inspired personal testimony that is an informative read that was written to help you heal as you read about their healing process from losing children preterm to birthing healthy children.  In "Our Journey To #fertilityhope", Thompson and Thompson candidly share about their experiences of tragedy & triumph on the road to birthing two children. This text is written on a down-to-earth level intertwined with scholarly-researched biblical scripture and medical commentary by Dr. Desiree' McCarthy-Keith, MD, MPH, FACOG to encourage others who might find themselves on a similar path.   In the frequent words of the authors, "Hang in there. Keep the faith. Don't lose hope. Trust God. God has not forgot!"  Here are the Thompsons.

You may order this book at www.writethevisioncreativeworks.com, just click "Products".  


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