EP25 - Xenia and Sheldon's Twin Miscarriage Story & Twin Parenting Journey with Nolan and Nash

Xenia and Sheldon

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Can marriage survive the loss of a child?  Losing a child is the hardest thing a couple can go through. In fact 80 percent of marriages end in divorce after the loss of a child.  For the month of December we are sharing the stories of 4 couples and how their marriages not only survived the loss of a child, but continued to thrive.    

In today’s episode we have the Garrets.  Sheldon and Xenia met in undergrad at Louisiana State University and began dating a little over 10 years ago.  They were married in 2013 after completing grad school and moved to Houston a couple of months later.  Sheldon is a Senior Business Analyst for a managed healthcare company in Houston. Prior to having our twins, Xenia was a Talent Acquisition Manager for a Restaurant Group here.   They are the proud parents of Nolan and Nash (1 year old fraternal twin boys) and Cassius, our 3 year old English Bulldog.  Prior to Nolan and Nash, they unfortunately lost a set of twins while they were 17 weeks along.  It was the most devastating life event for their family and an adversity they initially struggled with overcoming.  They are blessed to have their rainbow twin boys, as well as their angels who will always reside in their hearts.