EP27 - Should we have Grief Resolutions? Pat's Infertility Journey and Top Counseling Coaching Practice


Do we need to have grief resolutions or grief goals for this year?  In today's episode we have Pachuska Vil-Audain also known as Pat who shares her infertility experience and journey to starting a grief coaching business called Top Counseling.  We discuss having and setting grief goals and resolutions.  How can we make this New Year one filled with personal growth and inner peace from grief due to pregnancy loss.  And how we can commit to our grief journey this year.  Pat is a passionate and engaging coach and motivating speaker who works enthusiastically with individuals, couples, families, groups and companies to guide them from turning their dreams into realistic, attainiable & tangible goals. She has been working in the field of industrial psychology & social service since 2001 and she is thrilled to have turned her passion into a business that helps people accept themselves while living happier and healthier lifestyles. Pat focus on motivating & giving her clients the tools & techniques to identify their fears & transform their limited beliefs that keep them stuck from pursuing their goals. Top Counseling Services offers quality coaching services to get our clients motivated & inspired to live out their true purpose, create a more confident and empowered person who can deal with life changes.