EP29 - Aniesa's Loss Story & My Hope Floats Blog

Aniesa Knapp

In today's episode we have Aniesa Knapp who shares her 20 week pregnancy loss story of daughter Ava, her infertility journey, and her personal blog My Hope Floats.  Aniesa is the mom to Angel Ava who was born into heaven at 20 weeks and has been married to her husband Don for 3 years.  They live in Hartford County, Maryland with their fur baby Piper.  Aniesa is a nurse and works as a home care nurse liaison.   She created the My Hope Floats blog to continue to heal and to hopefully connect with others who have experienced pregnancy loss.

Aniesa and her husband Don became pregnant without even "trying" in July 2014, but didn't find out until August.  They had just gotten married.  Happiness, joy, a touch of anxiety.  It was the "perfect" pregnancy.  All bloodwork and vitals, both her and the babies, were good. No sickness, concerns or complications.  At our 20 week anatomy scan, they found out they were having a girl. That was a Tuesday. They had our gender reveal that Saturday, November 1, 2014. Aniesa didn't know it at the time but her water broke.  She thought it was her bladder.  She did not have any pain,  cramps or bleeding.  Aniesa didn't think anything of it. The following Tuesday, she felt like she needed to hear her heartbeat. Aniesa went to her GYN. There was no heartbeat.  She was then induced, dialated and delivered her baby girl.  They started trying again 3 months later.  By November 2016, they saw an RE for fertility testing and treatments. They did our first of 3 unsuccessful IUI's in November. They still are continuing to try naturally and ask God for a baby either naturally or by adoption.