EP34 - Tiffany Upchurch's Ectopic Pregnancy Loss Story and Ruined Womb: From Infertility to Inspiration Book

Ectopic Pregnancy

It's the last day of Black History Month!  We are highlighting the 4th book of 6 books by black authors around Faith, Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Infant and Pregnancy Loss, and Hope to continue on this grief journey.

In today's episode we have Tiffany "B.Renee" Upchurch-Rivera who shares her ectopic pregnancy loss and infertility journey. Tiffany is also the author of Ruined Womb: From Fertility to Inspiration. A book of poetry and spoken word pieces to inspire those who have faced infertility or child loss. She is a veteran, army wife, mom to Elijah, and she loves to write poetry, books, anything that shares the light of God to others. Her writing style is unashamedly transparent, freeing and relatable to those who have a past but who strive for excellence everyday. Tiffany shares how an STD caused her to have blocked fallopian tubes, her surgery to unblock them, lost of a fallopian tube due to a ectopic pregnancy, and stay tuned for a special Spoken Word piece from her book.

Mrs. Tiffany “B.Renee” Upchurch-Rivera is just like you and I. She has traveled through life with purpose and faith in her view always wondering why God created her, what role she would play on earth and what she would ultimately bring to society that was refreshing, inspiring, different and legendary! Mrs. Rivera’s writing started around 12  years old raised in a single parent military household. As young girl, she often used her writing to give her a voice. She used writing poetry as a way to express herself and a way to free herself of feeling insufficient and unimportant. Poetry was therapy and a mind releasing activity Tiffany loved to use. As the youngest of three, born in Nuremberg, Germany and raised in Texas and NC,  she always saw herself traveling to different cities and states encouraging women. After married in 2009, she was blessed to travel back to Germany with her family for 2 years before they were stationed in yongsan, Korea for 2 more years! Being stationed in Germany opened doors for her poetically to involve the community in open mic events She is known internationally in 2011 for creating a teen open mic for the after school program she worked at, in 2012 she hosted an open mic for soldiers and families at the nearby USO building that got the attention to the radio/ media station AFN. Both events were a success! So after being stationed in Yongsan, Korea for a year, she created another open mic event at the nearby R&R Grill for soldiers and families as well! In 2011 she also started writing for a  women’s magazine called Promoting Purpose for a year, in 2014 she wrote for Everything Girls Love Magazine geared towards urban young teens to women and in 2015 she wrote in a natural hair magazine called Natural From The Roots Magazine ! She is also a Veteran of the U.S Army Reserves, a former Radio Intern at Fayetteville State University’s Radio Station Bronco-iradio, a Poet, Writer, Sex Educator, Mentor, and An Author! She is currently a Self- Published Author of Her Poetry/ Inspirational Book: RUINED WOMB: From Infertility To Inspiration where she has sold over 100 books, her audience is young teens to women and families addressing the hard struggles of child loss, infertility, miscarriages, overcoming guilt from the past and learning how to love yourself ! She loves to write poetry,books, anything that shares the light of God to others. Her writing style is unashamedly transparent, freeing and relatable to those who have a past but who strive for excellence everyday.

She attends open mics and shares her poetry wherever she goes, she speaks at churches, book signings and community events. Part time she works in Clayton NC as a Community Support Technician to an autistic teenager, she’s a Mother of an 12 year old anointed son Elijah, a Wife, a Sister, Daughter and Friend! She currently resides in Spring Lake, NC but knows that is not her final destination! To God Be The Glory!

Ruined Womb from Infertility to Inspiration