EP36 - Bettye Williams SIDS Story & Bailey's Dash Foundation

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In today's episode we have Bettye Williams who shares her SIDS story of four month old daughter, Bailey Nicole.  On June 26th 2015, Bettye loss her my four month old daughter, Bailey Nicole to SIDS. It was the most devastating, life shattering experience of her life. Trouble is inevitable in this life but when you lose a child, so suddenly and so unexpectedly in their death, a part of you die as well. One day while struggling to get through the day, Bettye fell to her knees and asked the Lord to not only strengthen her, but to open up her eyes so that she can see the purpose in all of the pain she was feeling. Bettye reminded him of his promise in Romans 8:28. After pouring her heart out and weeping with much despair,  she stood up. Immediately she felt the burden lift. The Lord put it in on her heart to “just write” and that is what she did. Bettye created Bailey’s Dash Foundation with the goal of assisting other families who were grieving. She decided to share some of my transparent moments with facebook. Within three weeks, there were over 15,000 followers. She knew that this was a portion of God’s greater plan for her life. 

Bettye is an upcoming author, Bible teacher and is working towards a radio program. Each and every day she is trusting the Lord and is so very grateful for His faithfulness to her and my family.  Because of the brokenness she experienced, she am now able to encourage the hearts of other women, standing on the promise “That all things work together for the good… We have two choices when we are faced with a storm, we can become bitter or better. she has chosen the latter.


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