EP37 - Michelle Smith's 2nd Trimester Loss Story & Miracle Speaks Non-Profit Organization

Michelle Smith

In today's episode we have Michelle Smith who shares her 2nd trimester pregnancy loss story at 19 weeks gestation, her journey to become a full circle doula, and her non profit Miracle Speaks.  Michelle is wife and mom of 4 and is passionate about helping other women and mothers of loss.  After her loss of daughter Miracle at 19 weeks she knew she wanted to help other moms through their birthing process as she is currently 2 live births away from receiving her Full Circle Doula Certification with a specialization in Bereavement services.  In this episode Michelle shares the details of her pregnancy loss story and how that journey inspired her to start her new non profit Miracle Speaks named after her daughter.   

Miracle Speaks
Miracle Speaks was created for Mothers and families that have experienced a Pregnancy or Infant Loss or for individuals that may know someone who may have dealt with this type of loss. This is a safe space to share our stories, to reach out for resources, and to also raise awareness. In this group you will find information, resources, testimonies, love, support and so much more. Our goal is to unite the lives of those who may have experienced a loss. 

Michelle's Bio
Michelle Smith is a 29 year old who is on a mission to fulfill her passion in life. She is a mother of 5, a wife of almost 8 years, daughter, sister, an author, socialist, and so much more. 8 years ago, Michelle found herself experiencing a loss like non other. Expecting her first child, at 5 months pregnant, unexpectedly her water broke and she was force to go into labor. Although they remained optimistic, God had other plans for Michelle and her Fiancé and her baby girls life. At 12:01am, February 21st, 2010 Michelle delivered her babygirl, Miracle who had passed prior to birth. This loss was a tough one but it would be that loss that would give Michelle a new passion in life. Although Michelle was grieving and lost, she later understood that nothing happens without reason. Years had passed and Michelle was called to assist other women of give advice being faced with miscarriage or pregnancy loss. And Michelle would do it without a hesitation. It was then when Michelle realized that one of her purposes was to help other Mothers of Loss grieve through their loss so that they could heal, unite and use their voices and stories of strength to share with other mothers to encourage them to break the silence surrounding Pregnancy and Infant Loss. September 2017 The non profit Miracle Speaks emerged out of Michelle’s pass came her passion. Miracle speaks came about so that Michelle could host events and support groups and activities for other mothers of Loss and the community could come together to support each other, share with each other and unite so that we could use our stories to help heal ourselves and others. And in doing that, educating ourselves and each other so that we can effectively raise awareness and bring about a change surround Pregnancy and Infant Loss. They also wish to raise funds to assist mothers of Loss financially so that they don’t have to worry about finances during their time of Loss. That’s what Michelle had dedicated herself to doing! She also is in the final stages of becoming a Full Circle Doula specializing in Bereavement Doula services to better assist mothers of Loss during the postpartum period after losing a child. Michelle will be sharing her story in her own book entitled All is not Loss which will be released this year! Michelle is dedicated to changing the narrative around pregnancy and Infant Loss, this is only the beginning.

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