EP4 - Jheanell's Story & Angel Mom Alliance

In this episode Jheanell Adams of Jolie Bloom a natural skincare company, and the Angel Mom Alliance a facebook group focused on Angel Moms to regain their confidence, conquer their grief and take the steps to thrive in their new normal.  The Angel Mom Alliance is also designed to help remove the stigma, shame and loneliness of baby loss by sharing real stories, advice and resources.

A few take aways from this podcast: 

  • Joining a Support Group like the Angel Mom Alliance is key to your grief journey.
  • Therapy is important, not only if you loss a child.  We need to exercise our mental health just as much as our physical health.
  • No loss is small whether you are 2 weeks into this journey or 15 years.  Grief is a process and we all grieve differently, but we all need to go through it.

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Angel Mom Alliance can be found on Social on the website, Facebook group, and Instagram.

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