EP5 - Diana's Stillbirth Story & Forever King: Surviving the Loss of my Unborn Child

Diana Sims Stillbirth Erica M McAfee Podcast

In this episode Diana Sims shares her stillbirth story of son King, born at 36 weeks gestation, and her journey to rainbow baby Anthony. Diana is a self-published Author of  “Forever King: Surviving The Loss of My Unborn Child”, and Inspirational Speaker.  She is a California native and resides in Southern California with her loving husband Cory Sims, and three handsome Kings in training: Isaiah, Solomon, and Anthony Sims.

Diana has felt compelled to share her journey regarding the loss of her son, and the miracle that took place after his passing. She simply wants to let other women, who have lost children, know that there is still light at the end of the tunnel.

 “Forever King: Surviving The Loss of My Unborn Child” was released on March 17, 2017 on the following Amazon, CreateSpace, Barnes and Noble, and her website.  

Few Take-A-Ways from this Episode:

  • Hearing someone else's testimony may speak directly to you in that moment.
  • Everyone needs to speak declaration over their life, their wombs, their future pregnancies, and Diana gives you a powerful prayer to do so in her book.
  • Therapy is for everyone especially for those women who have had a traumatic pregnancy loss.