EP53 - Dr. Vernette McKnight's Healing Journey through Surrogacy Twin Pregnancy

Vernette McKnight

There are so many paths to motherhood and for many women diagnosed infertile Gestational Surrogacy is their chosen path.  For the month of July we are featuring Surrogacy stories and journey's on the podcast. 

In today's episode we have Dr. Vernette McKnight, a Cognition & Movement specialist, who shares her healing journey to becoming a gestational surrogate of twins.  In this episode Dr. Vernette shares an experience during her teenage years that inspired her to become a surrogate, how she knew the parents of the twins were the family for her, and how she plans to have a natural vaginal birth with the twins.  This episode is for you if you have ever considered becoming a gestational surrogate or are curious of the process of working with a surrogate.



Dr. Vernette McKnight's bio
Dr. Vernette McKnight, a Cognition & Movement specialist, was educated at the University of Louisville (B.A.), California University (M.A.), and Life University (D.C.). She has a combined 15 years of experience with Psychology, Kinesiology, Chiropractic, Mindful Meditation, Reiki and Pilates.  Her hunger for learning and field experience has inspired her to find a deeper approach to holistic health through her brand, dr.vernette | Holistic Health. Her personal evolution in cultivating self-awareness has her excited about igniting that desire in others. Dr. Vernette's mission is to educate and empower people in connecting with and reclaiming their inner power, and learning to become their own healer.  She is deeply involved in the metro Atlanta health and wellness community. She is a holistic health educator with IAAP, a healthcare correspondent with JR the Bossman show, and has hosted three television shows for AIB network that include Pilates Please, Walk to Wellness and Growing Up Fit. She is a proud member of the Junior League of Atlanta, Buckhead church, the North Georgia Black Healthcare Professionals Network and active with the Cobb County PTSA. Dr. McKnight currently resides in Marietta, Georgia with her two children Jeremiah and Laila Kym.