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There are so many paths to motherhood and for many women diagnosed infertile Gestational Surrogacy is their chosen path.  For the month of July we are featuring Surrogacy stories and journey's on the podcast. 

In today's episode we have Chelsea Hernandez who shares the beginning stages of her gestational surrogacy journey.  Chelsea is a wife of 4 years to Pedro and mom to two boys Nicholas and Aramis.  She is a perinatal educator to low income families to ensure healthy pregnancy outcomes.  In this episode Chelsea shares how she has wanted to become a gestational surrogate before she had her own children, how her close family and friends who suffer from infertility have inspired her to do so.  She knew her last son Aramis was going to be her last so she decided to have a double salpingectomy in 2017 and help other mothers grow their families.  This episode is for you have considered becoming a gestational surrogate and the steps you need to take to prepare your body and mind for this pregnancy.

Chelsea Hernanadez's Bio
My name is Chelsea Hernandez and I live in the beautiful city of San Diego, CA. I am the wife to an amazing man, Pedro of almost 4 years and mother to two boys: Nicholas (9) and Aramis (2). When I’m not at baseball practice or tackling terrible twos, I am working as a perinatal home visitor for Neighborhood House Association Early Head Start Services to Pregnant Women where I provide prenatal education to low income families to ensure healthy pregnancy outcomes. I have been in the field for almost 3 years and I love every moment of it. I am currently in the early stages of a gestational surrogacy journey (we are looking at a July transfer date), something I have been wanting to do since before I had my own children. I have close friends and family who suffer from infertility so I have seen the hurt, anger, pain it can cause those who may not have children on their own. Children are blessings, and everyone who desires to have them should be able to be in traditionally, through adoption or in this case, gestational surrogacy.

Chelsea Hernandez's Bio



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