EP59 - Lindsey Boxie's Stillbirth story, Early Endometriosis Diagnosis, and helping others through Grief Therapy

Lindsey Boxie

In today's episode we have Lindsey Boxie who shares her stillbirth journey with us.  Lindsey was diagnosed with Endometriosis in middle school and told her that because of the way her uterus was shaped she would have difficulty getting and staying pregnant.  After college she was able to conceive and around 36 weeks she went into labor arrived at the hospital and found that her baby passed away.  She then went on to have her rainbow baby afterwards which led her to going back to school to help others through grief therapy.  This episode is for you if you have been diagnosed with Endometriosis and those who have experienced a stillbirth.

Lindsey's Boxie's Bio
My journey began when I began my cycle at 8 years old.  By the time I was in middle school, my ObGyn has diagnosed me with endometriosis, and told me that because of the way my uterus was shaped i may have difficulty getting and staying pregnant. Fast forward to 2014 after i graduated from college i was pregnant! My pregnancy was perfect until about 20 weeks when i was referred to a maternal fetal medicine doctor because of the low weight, and shallow heart beat of my baby. At 36 weeks i went to the hospital after having a sharp pain in my belly, and they kept me overnight for monitoring. I was released the Sunday morning, went to the doctor Monday, and Wednesday for checkups. On Thursday night i awoke out of my sleep in labor, and by the time i arrived at the hospital my baby had passed away. I remained in labor for about 12 hours, until i vaginally delivered my daughter Friday afternoon. I am a stay at home with two children. My oldest was stillborn in July 2015, and my second was born in August 2016. I am currently enrolled in the Marriage and Family Therapy program at Capella University, and plan to specialize in grief therapy, and family court evaluations.

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