EP6 - Vivien's Story & Empower Mama Foundation

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In this episode Vivien Gaiko Founder of Empower Mama Foundation based in Naroibi, Kenya, shares her suicide story after her pregnancy loss.  This foundation is based on Christian values offering emotional and social support for women and families that have undergone pregnancy and child loss.  Empower Mama Organization preaches Suicide is not an option and assures women there is life after loss.  Their vision is to develop emotionally, psychologically, and socially empowered women who will in turn pay it forward by empowering others in order to curb the sucidial attempts in our society as a result of a child loss.  Vivien also shares in this episode how Empower Mama Foundation is helping Kenyan women change the culture around child loss by sharing their stories and getting the support they need to prevent suicide.

A few Take-A-Ways from this episode:

  • Suicide is real after any tramatic loss and you should seek therapy and counseling if you feel these thoughts.
  • The feelings of grief are universal no matter what the culture.