EP68 - Tarinna Olley on Therapy After Loss

Tarinna Olley

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness month. All month long we are discussing Life After Loss. In today’s episode we have Tarinna Olley who shares on how impactful therapy was for her after her loss. At 28 weeks pregnant she gave birth to her stillborn son Gabriel who was diagnosed with Trisomy 13 a rare genetic defect that was tested while in the womb. When the doctors pushed for her to abort her son she held onto hope that God would perform a miracle. Tarinna had Gabriel 3 days after she was married and in this episode talks about the incredible aching pain of grieving her baby boy and how therapy helped her on her journey. This episode is for you to listen to if you have had a stillbirth or if have experienced a genetic diagnosis of your baby in the womb.

Tarinna’s Bio

I was born Tarinna Whitmire in Washington, DC from Ward 7 in the Deanwood Section of the city. I come from humble beginnings and my mother always said to me, “that I thought I was Gloria Vanderbilt!” Although, my family struggled with financial resources at times my parents made sure I was not in lack. How they did it I now know was by prayer and faith. Despite living in a neighborhood where it wasn’t uncommon to hear about gun violence and drugs I still wanted more. I was always different than my peers. Basically, I always wanted more than what my neighborhood offered. I always had a bigger than life dream! I am independent consultant who provides services in the social services arena.

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