EP7 - Jo-Anne's Miscarriage Story & Joy Comes in the Mourning

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In this episode Jo-Anne M. Harvey shares her miscarriage story and what inspired her to co-write an eBook named "Joy Comes in the Mourning: Using Scripture to Overcome Miscarriage and Infant Loss."  Jo-Anne is also the founder of Financial Promised Land which seeks to empower women using the life of Moses to free themselves from financial bondage.  She lives by Phillipians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me," the verse she and her father recited together each morning before school.  In this episode, Jo-Anne shares how her sister circle of friends helped her through her miscarriages, and even how God saw fit that her and her co-writer, Shonika M. Ochoa-Williams, had their rainbow babies on the same day.

A few take-aways from today's episode:

  • The Bible is the best resource for Grief and Loss.  There are so many verses and stories that can lift your spirit and encourage you when you are feeling down.  Pick up your bible and read what God is telling you.
  • Endure to the end!  Don't give up on God's promises to you.  Keep enduring until God grants you your hearts desires.