EP70 - Ashley K. Pittman Multiple Losses including Twins and How to save your Marriage After Loss

Ashley K. Pittman

In today’s episode we have Ashley K. Pittman who shares her multiple loss story including losing twins and how to save your marriage after loss. Ashley is the founder of Ashes to Beauty and the wife and mom to two amazing boys. Her mission is to help women protect their marriages after pregnancy loss. Before her boys Ashley loss a set of twins a boy and a girl at 7 months pregnant. Eights months after having them, she then ended up having a miscarriage at 8 weeks. After such a loss, her marriage started to suffer, and they were close to separating permanently.  Ashley and her husband learned the hard way that men and women grieve differently and in this episode she shares what she has learned and how she is helping other women and couples save their marriages.

Ashley K. Pittman Bio
I am Ashley Pittman, wife, mother, and author. I married my high school sweetheart and quickly started a family. After our loss, we could have easily fallen apart. Well, we did fall apart, but with faith, prayer, and life tools, we rebuilt our relationship and grew our family. Everyday, I am thankful for my husband and my children. I reside in Indianapolis, Indiana. I always wanted a family, and almost as soon as my family was given to me, it was taken away. For a a long time, I held on to my pain. I shut out the person who loved me the most, my husband. And even after we were blessed with more children, I still wasn't free to live my life, to love freely, and be there for my children. I was simply existing through the shame and guilt I felt from the loss of my babies. I had to learn how to fight for my freedom. Now that I am free, I'm helping others fight for theirs.

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