EP71 - Geneen Fitchett SIDS Story and How to trust God when you don't understand why

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Have you ever questioned God why? Did you feel like God let you down after your loss? In today’s episode Geneen Fitchett shares her SIDS story of daughter Madison and how to trust God when you don’t understand why. Geneen is an angel mother, college biology professor, daughter, friend and child of God. She became a mother on December 4, 2016 to a beautiful baby girl Madison Michelle Jones at the age of 31. She had a perfect pregnancy and created a home for Madison. Unexpectedly when she went to wake up her perfect little girl from a nap in her swing so peacefully on January 11, 2017 she was unresponsive. In this episode Geneen takes us back to that day and how she felt when she left the hospital without her baby. She shares how to trust God even when you don’t understand why and I know this episode is for you because we all have felt this way before.

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