EP75 - Chanay Banks' Infertility Diagnosis due to Blocked Fallopian tubes and IVF

Chanay Banks

Have you heard of blocked fallopian tubes?

In today’s episode we have Chanay Bank’s who share’s her secondary infertility diagnosis due to blocked fallopian tubes and her IVF journey. Chanay was diagnosed with secondary infertility at 26 years old after already having a child from a previous relationship. She ended up having both her tubes removed resulting in IVF being the option for her and her husband to grow their family. She is currently going through her second round of IVF and is documenting her journey on instagram. This episode is for you if you have experienced secondary infertility or have been diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes.

Chanay Bank’s Bio

My name is Chanay Banks. I was diagnosed with second Infertility in 2014. Currently reside in Maryland. Close to Washington DC. Married for almost a year to my husband we a son and a daughter both from previous relationships. After being diagnosed I under went surgery and had to get both of my tubes removed. At the time I wasn’t honest with myself about how I felt. Since, I was blessed with one child I never wanted to feel ungrateful. Deep down I did long for another child with my husband but didn’t know if I had the courage to go through IVF. Also, IVF isn’t talked about in the young black community. I was diagnosed at 26. Now at 30, We will now be completing our first IVF cycle in July 2018. I want to continue to share and connect with woman. I feel it’s important and no woman should be ashamed.

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