EP77 - Andrea Fenise's 2nd Trimester Miscarriage and Coping with the Loss

Andrea Fenise

How have you coped with your loss? In today’s episode we have Andrea Fenise who share her 2nd trimester miscarriage and how she is coping with loss. Andrea is a mom, wife, and creative entrepreneur. She raised her daughter Amira for 9 years as a single mother. Andrea found love, married, and was excited to be pregnant with a girl name Olivia Isabelle. She loss Olivia at 17 weeks and in this episode she goes into detail of this journey and how she has coped with the loss. This episode is for you to listen to if you have experienced a 2nd trimester miscarriage or have struggled to cope with loss.

Andrea Fenise’s Bio
Mom, Wife & Creative Entrepreneur. Through my businesses and personal brand over the years, I've committed myself to insire women to live abundantly. I've used fashion styling, design, both fashion and graphic, writing and entrepreneurship as springboards to design a balanced and stylish life. For 9 years, I raised my daughter Amira as a working single mother. I overcame so many challenges and obstacles all while seeing the privilege and honor I had in raising such a beautiful little angel. God sent my husband after years of praying and we became pregnant with our child. Unfortunately, God saw fit to take our sweet Olivia Isabelle Garcia while I was 17 weeks pregnant. Coping with a miscarriage has been extremely hard but I'm sure I will get through it.

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