EP79 - Relentless 2019! Growing my family in 2019

Black Woman Fertility Journey

Happy New Year Sisters in Loss!  Welcome to 2019! Today is a solo episode of the podcast where I share my word of the year and my personal infertility and growing my family journey. 

Thank you to everyone who rated and reviewed the podcast this year.  If you have never left us a review please do so now.  Thank you to all of the guests on the podcast for sharing your story and your light during the 2018 year.  2019 is here and I’m excited about the interviews, stories, and journey’s to motherhood we will share.

So what does it mean to be relentless with our faith in Christ? Are we even sure we want to go down that road? Being relentless can sound noble and right, but it is also strangely elusive these days, especially regarding our faith.

Relentless means - showing or promising no abatement of severity, intensity, strength, or pace not softening or yielding in determination.  And not letting up or weakening in vigor or pace. 

It means not giving up when things get stale or boring (they will at times, even if you’re passionate)

It means facing the obstacles that inevitably get in the way in pursuit of something that will change your own life or change the world. Change is not easy.

It means being patient, knowing that if you consistently do everything you can to be successful at your goal, your time will come.

It means pursuing the goal even if others don’t get it. Some may think your goal is crazy, stupid, or not worth it. But they’re not you. They don’t want what you want. Such relentless pursuit of a dream or goal makes people uncomfortable because it reveals a lack of relentlessness and passion in their own lives. Get around other people in relentless pursuit of something and you’ll find people who understand and are willing to support your efforts.