EP81 - How to Support Your Friends during Miscarriage and Infertility with my BFF Amber Smith-St Louis (Part 1)

How to Support Your Friends during Miscarriage and Infertility

The hardest part of going through a miscarriage or infertility is not having friends who can relate to this experience. How many of you had to distance yourself from your friends or friendships ended or shifted as a result of your loss or diagosis? Well, I have been blessed that this was not the case for me and my BFFs. If anything we have learned that our friendship can endure the best of times and the worse of times. In today’s episode we have my BFF of over 15 years on the show Amber Smith-St. Louis. Amber and I met in college at Virginia Commonwealth University in our first Chemical Engineering course and have been thick as thieves since. In this episode we just have girl chat and talk about how our friendship has evolved over the years. How we have supported each other through dark times, and how I am supporting her now in her new season trying to conceive after a miscarriage and Endometriosis diagnosis. This episode is for you if you have a BFF or girlfriends and want some inspiration on how I have maintained my friendships through my losses and infertility.