EP84 - Couple Series: The Pruitt's Unexplained Infertility Journey and Gracefully Waiting Ministry

Gracefully Waiting Ministry

Pregnancy loss and infertility can be so hard on a marriage. It can either tear the couple apart or bring them closer together. In fact it is said that almost 80% of couples who experience a miscarriage or infertility end up in divorce. In this month of love we will be featuring 4 couples showing by prayer, faith in God, and a strong commitment to stay together their marriages endured the hard times of pregnancy loss and infertility. In this episode we have the Pruitt’s who share their infertility journey and how they are gracefully waiting on their promise from God. Glenn and Natasha have been married for 4 years and live in Austin, Texas. They have never conceived so that lead to many doctor visits, trying different types of medicines, having procedures, many emotional rollercoaster, attempt to foster to adopt a teenager, which tested their marriage. Gracefully Waiting was birthed with anticipation of giving hope to other women battling infertility. The Hope Gift Boxes allows Natasha to share her story and start a conversation of giving hope in the midst of the storm. In this episode we learn how the Pruitt’s are gracefully waiting for their blessing while serving God and being faithful to the call on their lives as ministry leaders.

The Pruitt’s Bio
A little about us, Glenn and I have been married for 4 years and we are from Paris, Texas but live in Austin, TX. I’m an graduate from University of North Texas majored in Health education and currently working on Masters in Marriage and Families of Counseling to help families of color while dealing with infertility. 

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