EP86 - Couple Series: The Martin's Pregnancy Loss Journey with PCOS and Chasing Rainbows Podcast

Chasing Rainbows Podcast

Pregnancy loss and infertility can be so hard on a marriage. It can either tear the couple apart or bring them closer together. In fact it is said that almost 80% of couples who experience a miscarriage or infertility end up in divorce. In this month of love we will be featuring 4 couples showing by prayer, faith in God, and a strong commitment to stay together their marriages endured the hard times of pregnancy loss and infertility. This is the last couple in our series The Martin’s. They are fellow podcasters and have created Chasing Rainbows podcast documenting their infertility journey. In this episode they take us back to the beginning of their journey to parenthood, battling infertility with a PCOS diagnosis, how they grieved their son Noah they loss at 20 weeks, and how Starbucks is helping fund their IVF journey.

The Martin’s Bio
WE ARE THE MARTINS!! Being from two different states, Jason (MS) and I (KY) met in college and have been married for more than 14 plus years and sexually active for 16 years (I know!). Although we practiced safe sex, during college, we never became pregnant. I started noticing some changes with my body, saw my gynecologist and was diagnosed with PCOS. We figured we would take meds, enjoy each other, and worry about babies later. Little did we know, later would be 8-10 years down the road. With our first miraculous pregnancy, we experienced a second-trimester pregnancy loss with no known medical reason. It would take several years later for us to conceive with some medical assistance which all ended in miscarriages. Pregnancy losses are difficult but we are still standing!

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