EP96 - Halima Edge on How to Seek God for Healing, Understanding and Restoration after Loss

May is always a difficult and painful month for us Sisters in Loss. I’m here to let you know that You're Still a Mother on Mother's Day and everyday of the year, if You've Had a Miscarriage, Infant Loss, Stillbirth, and Infertility Challenges. Celebrate Mother’s Day in your own special way, and reflect on your baby in heaven and the future babies that will be here with you on earth. I love you Sisters in Loss and know that we are here to support you, love on you, and encourage you in every way. Join us in our private community at SistersinLoss.com

In today’s episode we have Halima Edge who shares her 2nd trimester miscarriage story and how her rainbow baby healed her. Halima shares in this episode the traumatic birth she had a 20 weeks and how she turned to God for healing, understanding, and restoration. The doctors could not diagnose her with premature labor or incompetent cervix so when she became pregnant again with her rainbow baby she received a cerclage due to her previous cervical challenges. Her rainbow baby boy was born at 39 weeks after overcoming the fear of losing him and healing throughout the pregnancy. This episode is for you to listen to if you have been pregnant after loss and how to seek God for healing, understanding, and restoration.

Helium Edge’s Bio
Born in St. Thomas Virgin Islands, I moved to Maryland at the age of 10. I always believed in God, but my true relationship with God began my freshman year of college at Bowie State University. I was saved and dedicated my life whole-heartedly to God. I joined a campus ministry Bethel Campus Fellowhip and later became the President for the Bowie State Chapter. I later graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing, and I am now a Certified Pediatric Nurse. My relationship with God was challenged after I lost my son at 20 weeks of pregnancy. I sought after God for healing, understanding and restoration. I was healed and affirmed in my identity with Christ and now advocate for women of pregnancy loss. I desire to see women become healed of the pain, share their story and walk in their full purpose.

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