EP97 - Tori Alamaze's Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Journey and Trans Abdominal Cerclage

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Recurrent pregnancy loss is defined as 3 consecutive losses prior to 20 weeks gestation.  Today’s guest Tori Alamaze has carried and birth 4 babies, but only has one living child the other 3 babies died due to incompetent cervix and a recurrent pregnancy loss diagnosis.  In today’s episode Tori shares her journey to motherhood after receiving vaginal cerclages and having them fail at 24 weeks with her son Issa and at 21 weeks with her boy/girl twins. She knew she needed to research to understand what was happening to her body and she found abbeyloopers.com.  From her research she knew she would be a great candidate for a Trans Abdominal Cerclage and in this episode she takes us back on the journey to making the decision to undergo major abdominal surgery prior to conceiving to have her rainbow baby girl. This episode is for you to listen to if you have experienced recurrent pregnancy loss and want to understand more about cerclages and trans abdominal cerclages.  

Tori Alamaze Bio
Tori Alamaze is a singer/songwriter|author|social entrepreneur|business owner. Because of her multiple skillsets & experiences, she founded loudsilencebrand.com – a Style & Cultural brand that creates conditions for ideas to cross connect. Tori began her journey behind the scenes as a professional makeup artist, performer, and singer/songwriter. As a makeup artist she’s toured the world with r&b group Xscape and Blaque. She’s worked on countless major music videos and film, having worked with many artists like Brandy, Destiny’s Child, Usher, TLC, Pink and many more. As a songwriter & performer, Tori has collaborated on Grammy winning projects like “Speakerboxx/The love below” with Outkast and with artist, Ceelo Green. In 2004, Tori was chosen as BMI’s (songwriter) Grand prize winner. Her music can be heard in major films like “Beauty Shop” starring Queen Latifah, and “Something New” starring Sanaa Lathan. Having always been an aficionado of personal presentation and style, in 2010, Tori incorporated those elements to her business, treebraidswithtori.com. From the red carpet, to a feature in Essence magazine, treebraids have become a unique addition to her brand. Following the birth of her daughter, Tori released her first children’s book “The Soil Is Good” on Amazon and Barnes & Noble Spring 2016. Her follow up, “Women & Wisdom: Stories to Empower our Girls” is set to be released Spring 2019. She is also currently engaged in the infant loss & awareness community.  Invited to speak at Remembrance services, Tori’s goal is to raise cervical support awareness and assistance to families needing trans-abdominal support, or TAC. Sharing her personal story of infant losses, Tori visits hospitals, invited to speak with incoming pediatric nurses regarding sensitivities on unexpected infant loss. “Integrating all of my multiple disciplines & experiences IS my job. Finding clarity and balance is the hardest part. So I love helping people with ideas, goals & supreme talents connect their dots, take action & discover the best ways to maximize their genius.”

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