EP98 - Tanisha Garnier's 2nd Trimester Loss and 25 week Miracle

Recurrent pregnancy loss is defined as 3 consecutive losses prior to 20 weeks gestation.  Today’s guest Tanisha Garnier has experienced a loss of her son Xavier Lawrence at 21 weeks due to a short cervix that wasn’t detected until her 19 week ultrasound.  Tanisha also has beat infertility from being diagnosed with PCOS and having a history of not ovulating because of irregular periods. She was able to conceive Xavier after a few months of fertility treatments with her OB, and after a year she tried again, and in this episode, she has birthed her miracle and rainbow baby Ezra Joy at 25 weeks.  In this episode we had to reschedule due to a scare of preterm birth in her pregnancy, and we could chat about her experience in the NICU thus far with Ezra. This episode is for you to listen to if you have been diagnosed with PCOS, incompetent cervix, had a micropreemie and extended NICU stay.

Tanisha Garnier’s Bio
We had our first son Xavier Lawrence at 21 weeks. He lived 10 short minutes but changed us forever. I went into early labor due to having a short cervix that wasn't detected until my 19 week anatomy scan ultrasound. I was put on pelvic rest and progesterone suppositories, but two weeks later Xavier came early still.

Before getting pregnant, we dealt with infertility. I am diagnosed with PCOS and have a history of not ovulation and not getting regular periods. Our pregnancy with Xavi was after a few months of fertility treatments under the care of my OB.

A little before Xavi's first birthday we consulted with a reproductive endocrinologist about future fertility plans. We decided to try again for another baby and joyfully became pregnant our first cycle of fertility meds in Nov 2017! I'm currently (2/22/18) almost 16 weeks pregnant.

At 11 weeks I had a cervical cerclage placed and it has healed and is holding well so far. The joy and fear of being pregnant after loss is so real, and that is currently where I find myself.
I hate that our baby died, but I have loved watching the Lord redeem our story of parenthood and allow us to connect to other families who have experienced similar losses.

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