Why your VOTE Matters! March of Dimes Blanket Campaign with President Stacey D. Stewarts

March of Dimes

You are listening to a special episode of the Sisters in Loss Podcast.  As many of my US listeners know tomorrow, November 6, 2018 is Election Day and Midterm elections, and we have the power to change and shift the paradigm of maternal and infant mortality in America with our vote.  In today's episode I sit down with March of Dimes President Stacey D. Stewart to discuss their Blanket Change Campaign launched on October 10th, and why our vote matters in this election, why the maternal death rate is getting worse as technology advances, and how working together with March of Dimes gives all new moms a better chance to be there for their babies.

Stacey D. Stewart joined March of Dimes as its fifth President on January 1, 2017, and first African American President.  In this role, Stewart heads the organization leading the fight for the health of all moms and babies. She is responsible for all aspects of the organization's strategy, vision and operations.

The maternal death rate in America has doubled in just twenty five years, and it’s only getting worse. More than 700 moms died due to pregnancy-related causes this year alone, making the United States the most dangerous developed nation to have a newborn baby. Women of color are most at risk of facing life-threatening complications, and black women are three times as likely as white women to die from pregnancy-related causes. Working together for #BlanketChange, we can give all new moms a better chance to be there for their babies.

Stacey D. Stewart

Stacey Stewart Full Bio

  • Former U.S. President of United Way Worldwide and senior officer at the Office of Community and Charitable Giving at Fannie Mae

  • Accomplished leader with a master’s of business administration from the University of Michigan and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Georgetown University

  • Honorary degrees from Alabama A&M, Morgan State University, Texas Southern University and Trinity University

Stewart came to March of Dimes from United Way Worldwide, where she held several positions, most recently serving as U.S. President of United Way, the nation's largest nonprofit organization. There she provided strategic direction for more than 1,000 local United Ways. Stewart was also responsible for United Way's national efforts in education, financial stability and health as well as guiding efforts to enhance the brand and grow revenue. Stewart spearheaded the transformation of United Way from a pass-through fundraiser to a leading organization for local community impact. Prior to becoming U.S. President, Stewart served as Executive Vice President, Community Impact Leadership and Learning. In this role, Stewart developed global partnerships to advance community impact in more than 40 countries.

A business veteran, Stewart has also held a number of senior roles, including Chief Diversity Officer and Senior Vice President for the Office of Community and Charitable Giving at Fannie Mae, as well as President and Chief Executive Officer for the Fannie Mae Foundation. Additionally, Stewart has an extensive background in finance and investment banking, having served as Vice President for Pryor, McClendon, Counts & Co., and as a senior associate for Merrill Lynch, specializing in financings for state and local governments.

Stewart has a master's of business administration in finance from the University of Michigan and a bachelor of arts in economics from Georgetown University. She also holds honorary degrees from Trinity University, Morgan State University, Texas Southern University, Lincoln University and Alabama A&M University. She currently serves on several boards nationally and in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Stewart is married to Jarvis C. Stewart, the Chairman and Managing Partner of I + R Media, LLC, a strategic communications firm based in Washington, D.C. The Stewart’s have two children, Madeleine and Savannah.

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